We were sold a dream but we bought a pup!

Just how would you view this proposition?

A major corporation will stick a device onto the roof of your car; an item that, if not affixed properly, can cause extensive damage to the very structure of your car. It will make the car harder to sell should you wish to dispose of it, and if this device is not installed by qualified and trained technicians, it could cause the car to set alight. Not to mention the fact that it is as ugly as hell. What do you get out of the deal? Well you get a few free miles of motoring each day, but only during the daylight hours. However, it will generate a substantial income just by being there, but the corporation will be receiving that, thank you very much. On the bright side, in twenty years' time - when it is worn out and no longer producing an income - you can have it for free. Thus saving them having to maintain or indeed to remove and dispose of it.

I would doubt very much that anybody in their right mind would stand for a proposition such as this, and yet when it boils down to it, that is exactly what has happened to each and every householder who has accepted solar PV panels on their house for free.

Those who opted to buy the panels in their own right have a much better deal of course, as they at least will be receiving some compensation for the carbuncle fixed to their roof, however some of the drawbacks still apply with regard to the installation, the quality of the panels provided and the ongoing maintenance of the install. In all cases, the sales and paperwork should have been conducted in a manner according to industry guidelines.

What can be done about it, where do we go from here and what are "solarPVcollective" doing?

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