Benefits of joining



  •  A visit to assess the problems, if and when they arise

  • Assistance getting your system repaired by our authorised teams

  • Option to join our collective maintenance scheme Details Here

  • Assistance claiming the compensation when necessary

  • Ongoing support for the lifetime of your membership

  • Basically, we will fight “tooth and nail” on your behalf


 “Together we are strong”



If you are worried about any of the problems highlighted on this website, and would like to take advantage of being a member of our group, then simply join us today by clicking here: MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION

Please help, but not just in by joining the group, but by spreading the word. Word of mouth through forums, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter any way you can, this really is a more the merrier situation and the more we are the bigger our voice and the bigger our clout with the courts and politicians.