Get it checked out

Every member of the SolarPVcollective qualifies for a free examination , assessment and quotation to remedy any problems identified.

Inspection Checklist

  1. Obvious damage to your roof/attic space inside or out, have any tiles or slates slipped or dropped off your roof?
  2. Does your roof now leak?
  3. Is there a 400mm (16") border between the edge of the panels and the edge of the roof?
  4. Is there shoddy or sub standard electrical wiring to the install internally?
  5. Is there excessive heat coming from the wiring and or the inverter?
  6. Is there now dipping of the roof structure and or internal purlins, cross-members or rafters?



From several whistleblowers, we have been reliably informed that no solar company will entertain repairs, reviews on installations of third party companies installations.

Which means that we are in effect, the only safety blanket in he UK.

If you are worried about any of these problems, then you simply must join us today by clicking here: MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION