A Genuine claim

The basis of a claim falls into distinct areas.

  • The quality and compliance to standards of the actual install
  • The sales process, guidance provided and information pack left onsite
  • Care and preservation of roof and supporting materials

The adherence to the guides and rules applying to the supply and fitting of solar PV equipment, to both residential and commercial properties is crucial. The ignorance and in some cases the downright flaunting and wilful overlooking of guidelines, rules and procedures have not only damaged property but in some case have put lives at risk.

Needless to say, that the motives behind the slapdash and in some cases criminally negligent behaviour are profit and greed. The big players in the "free supply" solar market are exactly that, major corporations and they will fight aggressively any claims for compensation or or having to correct defects and damage caused to property in the pursuit of their profit. In exactly the same way that the major banks fought against recompensing those defrauded by the now defunct PPI schemes, they will fight tooth and nail but in the true Erin Brokovich spirit we will win out in the end.

Unlike Erin Brokovich however, we have no firm of lawyers willing to re-mortgage their house to fund the fight. We are having to present the test cases, fund the structural reports, fund the electrical inspection and diagnosis, collate the information that the residents have or have not been provided with in terms of information packs. Paying for solicitors and obviously top QC's (because they will bring out the big guns against us) would be prohibitive for an individual but as a group, a collective, we will have the power of many and this is why we need donations.

We are fixing membership of the collective to a nominal amount of 10 per annum, that said we also have a donation button where one may chip in any amount that they feel comfortable with over and above the membership. So please join if you feel that any of the following apply to you and your install:

Claim Checklist

  1. Obvious damage to your roof/attic space inside or out, have any tiles or slates slipped or dropped off your roof?
  2. Does your roof now leak?
  3. Is there a 400mm (16") border between the edge of the panels and the edge of the roof?
  4. Is there shoddy or sub standard electrical wiring to the install internally?
  5. Is there excessive heat coming from the wiring and or the inverter?
  6. Is there now dipping of the roof structure and or internal purlins, cross-members or rafters?
  7. Do you feel that you were given all of the facts in a true and simple fashion, and all of the promises have been lived up to?
  8. If you have a mortgage to buy your home, did you request Bank or Building Society permission?


If you answered yes to any of these questions then you simply must join us today by clicking here: MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION