Join us today

The success of our collective action against the multinational companies, will stand or fall as a direct link to the amount of like minded people we have four square behind us.

As movements go this is one of the least invasive that her has ever been. You are not being asked to turn up and protest in the street, you are not being asked to man barricades or picket lines and at this stage the only people taking active action are those that we are using as a test case. Even then, the evidence is mostly professional reports on the work carried out, photographs and of course their permission to use their personal details in the court action.

We do however need funds to continue to operate. Subscription to the collective action has been pegged at 10, there is however a facility for donating cash to help the fight. This we feel should always be voluntary and rely on the generosity of those that are in a position to spare a few pounds to offset those that cannot.

With all of the high profile data breeches in the past twelve months, TalkTalk, Ashley Maddison and TK Maxx to name but three, it has been decided that we will not store individual members of the collective financial details on our servers. We will instead, put our trust in the World leader in financial transactions "Paypal". Please be assured that security is a priority with us, and at all times your privacy and personal details will be protected.

Please join us, but not just in by joining the group, but by spreading the word. Word of mouth, forums, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter any way you can, this really is a more the merrier situation and the more we are the bigger our voice and the bigger our clout with the courts and politicians.